Nathan Cook wants to help you see, believe and reach your human potential by transforming how you think. Using powerful, electrifying, and passionate speech and methodology, Nathan’s approach will instantly affect how you see yourself and the world around you. As president of Inspiring Inspirations and , Nathan's mission is to empower people to unleash the power within them.


As a premier Keynote Speaker, Nathan has engaged audiences at churches, drug recovery meetings, networking marketing companies, and blue collar to white collar events. Audience members love his message because living a life of purpose, meaning, and success is something we all desire. Nathan believes in the idea that what we don't know that we don't know can stifle our growth. Using this concept as a backdrop, he equips his listeners with the knowledge, insight and belief that you can live up to your potential. His ability to skillfully interweave his intriguing life story into the fabric of our daily lives keeps Nathan’s clients coming back for more. You will leave his events with the confidence to live your life as the original you, not a copy of anyone else. His message is simply contagious.


   Why be a copy, when you were born the original?


Revered as a great inspirational speakers and salesmen by his peers, Nathan has had astounding success since a young age. Through hard work and a belief in his human potential, he became the youngest Senior Director at the 4th largest communication company in the U.S, Canada, and Europe at the early age of 18. He was also one of the country's top mortgage loan officers, selling over $75 million in mortgage loans in 2012. Nathan currently is spreading his knowledge to help others create positive change in their lives and a huge advocate of giving back to the community. He is also a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society to help recruit volunteers for the Road to Recovery program.



No journey is without obstacles, and Nathan's openness to his past challenges along his journey is heart-felt and refreshing.  Whether he’s talking about his experience being arrest on multiple charges at the age of 13 and how that experience changed his view on life, his near-death experience in Africa, his experience growing up with a parent addicted to drugs, or his experience losing a parent to cancer, his message will be sure to speak to your soul.


Our life is determined by our decisions and not our conditions



Nathan was trained by one of the world's leading top trainers, Nick Skolsky. Nathan moved down to Hilton Head Island to be personally trained by Nick for a year, learning all he could from the world-class trainer, top recruiter, and multi-million dollar income earner in direct sales for over 10 years. Nick’s successful multi-million dollar career running one of the largest lead generation businesses gives him incredible insight into many aspects of business and how we can each reach our potential. Nathan attributes his sales success, being in the top 1% with every company he has worked for, to the teaching and mindset training he received from Nick. Nathan is a sound believer that life is a game of inches.


Nathan was also trained in his backyard in Maryland by John Alston. John created the most successful franchise of a publicly traded company, rising above more than 200,000 business owners. This experience is where Nathan acquired his desire and passion to help others succeed. After working with John, Nathan is a firm believer in H.O.P.E. – not hope for things to get better, but rather Helping Other People Excel.  


It's not about how long we live but how we live



Nathan has committed his life to uplifting others and will give you and your audience an experience that will have a lasting, positive impact. You haven't been to a seminar until you have experienced a Nathan Cook seminar!


Nathan with his mentors  









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