Which Presentation Are You Interested In?

"Live Your Dream and Not the American Dream"


How would you like to live a life of meaning and purpose?  Nathan will share a new perspective on life and why it's important to chase your dreams.  His ability to get people eager and keen on their reason for living is nothing short of astounding.  

By the end of the session, your team will gain:

  • You will be fired up to live your life with purpose and passion

  • You will be provided simple changes that will make a huge quantum difference in your quality of life

  • A refreshing new perspective on life from someone who is living their dream


*Format is 45-60. Upon request can be faith    based​

"Don't Allow Time to Rob You of Destiny"


This speech will get your team to realize how precious time truly is? Nathan's speech on time is heartfelt and sincere. Your team will look at life differently after they hear Nathan's story about his upbringing and how he made a decision to invest his time in his passion will leave your team amazed but more importantly, they will have the belief that they can change their life around as well. 

By the end of the session, your team  will gain:

  • How to invest their time wisely versus spending it

  • They will know the art of empowering questions

  • They will learn how to stay focus on their life's purpose


*Format is 45-60. Upon request can be faith    based​

"The Success Board Secret"


How would you like see your team go from being curious to serious about striving for more? Nathan created TheSuccessBoard.com to help any team/person make a transition in their life to bring the best out of them. You can expect a boost in your teams morale and production. Nathan's approach is authentic as he will share his personal  challenges and what he did to overcame them to have such an impact with so many people.  This tutorial and speech is sure to have your team self reflect on life and a new attitude to take charge.   

By the end of the session, your team will gain:

  • How to set a goal and finish it to completion. 

  • Know the art of empowering yourself 

  • How to stay focus and live life with a purpose. 


*Format is 50-60. Upon request can be faith    based​.  

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